What He Started  – Christmas Concert Winter 2012



Celebrating the completion of Renewal’s debut album project 




After a 3 year marathon of planning, recording and finally pressing Renewal’s Debut album, the  winter 2012 concert performance was a showcase of song tracks from the recording shared in the community setting of a cosey school hall in North East Bristol. The event was a little more “intimate” than Renewals typical  end of year concert with a  select audience of around 250 family and friends.


Renewal Prays at the start of concert

About the Production

The showcase event was MC’d by a relay of choir members including Miriam, Vicky, Robyn and Lorna who shared some touching and humorous aspects of the choirs journey from dreaming about, driving through and finally delivering the end product of our labours – Our debut album What He Started. To add to the atmosphere of celebration the programme was strategically “peppered” with artist contributions of dance from Charnelle, soulful solo singing from Jessica accompanied by Charlie on the acoustic guitar and animated performance poetry from wordsmith Miles


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Kim taking the choir through it’s paces during warm up


Phil make a few calls to take care of the technical side of the music


Artist Line Up


Event Host Renewal Choir

Dancer Charnelle

Soloist Jessica

Wordsmith Miles

Pictures taken by Photographer Wayne Hutchinson



Phil Barclay (Music Director)  – Keys

Leeroy Adams – Keys

Charlie Campbell – Guitar

Rich Powell – Drums

Paul Howell – Bass

Eddie Campbell – Bass





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