we push for excellence in all we do, we also remain grounded as a truly grass roots organisation on a mission to bring audiences into contact with vibrant, high quality gospel music experiences.



Renewal Choir is a well-established community gospel choir based in Bristol and founded by Kim and Vernon Samuels in September 2005. There are over 70 choir members ranging from youthful teens through to a number of energetic seniors still young at heart! Our membership, affectionately known as the “Renewal Family” represent a multitude of church traditions and non-church backgrounds. We love to bring our special touch to various civic, festivals, community and social events in and around the South West.

Under the inspirational leadership of Choir Director Kim Samuels, the choir has performed in many public events such as the BBC National Music Day, Leona Lewis UK Tour (in both Bristol and Cardiff) and the Bristol Harbour Side Festival, to name a few exciting highlights.

We push for excellence in all we do, but we also remain grounded as a truly grass roots organisation on a mission to bring audiences into contact with vibrant with high quality gospel music experiences. As we continue to expand and grow our ambition is to inspire and positively impact the lives of those exposed to the choir’s heart lifting performances.

Community Interest Statement

In 2011 Renewal registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the following community interest statement:Renewal Choir’s activities will provide benefit to the music appreciating people and communities of the Bristol area and beyond, community projects and charitable organisations promoting social causes and raising funds, Christian organisations in and around the Bristol area seeking to collaborate for the promotion of the Christian faith for the benefit of the general public, Renewal choir members seeking to develop a “mastery” of the gospel music tradition. This is broken down into the 4 core activities areas listed below:



Surplus Income over expenditure (profits)

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for the advancement of the choir and its activities through skills development workshops, capacity building of the choir as an organisation and supporting public events which showcase excellence in gospel music in the Bristol and surrounding area.

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