Renewal Choir members were literally “on top of the world” when they took part in a special Christmas lights switching on event at St Nicholas Market next to Corn Street in Bristol.


On arrival  Renewal members were initially speechless and in disbelief when they were told they would be positioned to sing on top of roof of some of the market shops. Fortunately, under Kim’s steady leadership and a little courage to scale the ladder  provided, the choir were in the grove and lifting th atmosphere with their merriment and singing.


The event saw thousands of people gathering to mark the occasion of the traditional turning on of Christmas lights where Renewal turned on a little sparkle to compensated for the reduction in Christmas lights budget of the council.

Whether up the ladder singing their socks off or keeping their feet, Like Frank, firmly on the ground handing out flyers to the upcoming Renewal Concert on 2 and 3 December. All in all a great day for the Bristol and a great day for the choir!


2016-11-19-photo-00000685 2016-11-19-photo-00000684

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