Celebrating The Best of Renewal Choir


Friday 27 November 2015 was our 10 year anniversary celebration Christmas concert held at the St Georges concert venue on Great George Street, Bristol.  The overwhelming comment made by concert goers and the choir was this was definitely the best end of year concert yet! wow what a night.



Celebrating The Best of Renewal Choir

The Best of Renewal Choir was a symphony of joyful noise positioned at the start of the choir’s 10 year anniversary celebrations.In staging this year’s celebration, For this special event Renewal successfully achieved its mission to bring an important focus to thanking God for keeping Renewal vibrant and “renewed” through its first 10 years of ministry .

This Christmas celebration event not only reflected Christ’s first coming to Earth as a baby, but  also served as a reminder of the good news that God’s presence is among us today through the Holy Spirit.

Renewal delivered a repitiore of our most popular songs rendered by the choir over the years  (and voted on by its current membership of 65 individuals), and as always, this year’s celebration event was also geared towards encouraging the audiences spiritual preparation for the Christmas season as a refreshing break from the madness of the commercialism and shopping pressures typical of the time of year.

This year’s concert created a joyful celebration atmosphere to lift the intensity of proceedings to yet another level of heartfelt expression engaging the audience with a repertoire infused by the wonderful soul lifting medium of sweet gospel music.

Renewal Choir 10 Year Anniversary

Renewal Supports Crisis Ministries

Jonathan Lee
Jonothan Lee – Chief Exec of Crisis Ministires

This year’s event Charity supported by the event was Bristol based Crisis Ministries who are dedicated to helping those with life disrupting problems, such as homelessness and addiction to enjoy a healthy independent life. The generosity of the audience was very much appreciated by charity chief executive and staff who past on the good news to Renewal after the concert that £1,200 had been collected on the night in support of the charity’s work. Renewal would also like to express our gratitude to those who were able to donated so kindly to such a deserving local cause.

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