Renewal Choir Perform at the Stroud Family Funday

On Sunday 22 May Renewal were in great spirits despite the torrential rain in the preceding 24 hours on the run up to performing for the second year in a row at the Stroud’s Annual Family Fun Day.  Prayer really changes things as some serious prayer was laid down by organisers of the event earlier in the week on hearing of the impending wash out that threatened to rain on the parade.

As though somebody “upstairs” turned off a switch the rain stopped quite abruptly just before Renewal opened proceedings a little after 2:00pm.  Last year OVER 3,000 people flocked to Stratford Park for Stroud’s annual Family Fun Day.  This year there was the unmistakable feeling that there were even more people in attendance throughout the afternoon.

The lovely, gracious and so talented Geraldine Luce, accompanied by her ever effervescent and charming hubby Carey, joined forces with Renewal during the 2 sets at the start and end of the event to bring a warm and fuzzy high punctuating a action packed event with sweet sound of  praise and gospel cheer which captivated everyone’s attention.

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