We were so proud to share the stage at the All Nations Centre, Cardiff on 9 December 2017 with Jonathan Cooper and very talented and cool singers and musician from the local church.  Jonathan originates from Essex but has made South Wales his home for the last fifteen years. Having been involved with All Nations Church in Cardiff for most of that time, he currently runs their successful conferencing business based at All Nations Centre.

In December 2016 Renewal ventured into South Wales for the first time to hold it’s first concert in the Cardiff area. On the build up to that first concert we started forging a special connection with All Nations Centre thanks to the wonderful warmth and hospitality received form  Jonathan and his ace team.

As we’ve got to know Jonathan better we discovered he is actually much more than “the guy who successfully runs the conference centre business”,  but he is actually a seasoned vocalist and worship leader masterfully disguised as the conference centre MD.  A worshipper at heart, Jonathan lit up the stage with his dynamic and engaging vocal of “God is Able” backed by a jubilant Renewal Choir and band…Hallelujah indeed!

It was great seeing Jonathan in a different light as he makes his contribution to the Joyful Joyful Gospel Goes Festive stage on the evening together with other stellar performances from Singer Ines Castillo featuring Pedro Tomateo on
Keys and Renewal in support and Jack Bowtell .

After such a fantastic night, we look forward to building our friendship with Jonathan and the Centre with a view to creating other fruitful collaborations into the future to the Glory of God.




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