Inns Court Centre

The Inns Court Centre, Knowle, formerly known as The Mede Community & Learning Centre, was was the product of a prolonged campaign by residents, friends and community activists to regenerate the local area.  The centre opened 15 years ago in July 1998  replacing the old Holy Cross Hall and Church building located on the same site. The Centre is integrated with Holy Cross Church and the land upon which it is built was donated by the Diocese of Bristol.

The Centre received considerable support from the Local Authority and European Funding and functioned smoothly for a decade through to the 2007/8 global depression which resulted in Central Government cuts in spending and severe austerity measures began to impact on local authority budgets and grants to community organsiations.  In 2011 the core funding annual allocation by Bristol City Council in support of the Mede Centre was withdrawn completely plunging the Centre into crisis.  This situation required urgent action to safeguard the continuation of a vibrant and viable Centre serving the local community for the long term.

The funding crisis galvanised partnership and collaboration between  local residents, other concerned organsiations and the Church which remains a key partner in the running of the Centre,  with a strong presence on the Board of Trustees. This has been strengthened significantly through the involvement of the Church of God of Prophecy, who share the church building with the Anglican-Baptist partnership.

Renewal Choir, as one of the users of the Centre, is keen to continue to use the church and centre as a rehearsal space.  We would also like to see the centre continue to develop its services to the community well into the future. We have therefore chosen The Inns Court Centre, Knowle to be our supported charity for the Handel’s Messiah Soulful Celebration where proceeds from the profits of the evening will be donated to the Centre. More of the story to follow soon………


Handel’s Messiah Soulful Celebration – Get Your Tickets Now!

Handel’s Messiah Soulful Celebration takes place on Friday November 22 at St Georges, Brandon Hill, Bristol. The last time the choir delivered this soul stirring production it was to a one thousand seat sell out audience at the Colston Hall four years ago. As the capacity of St George’s is only five hundred seats we encouraging everyone to buy tickets early to avoid disappointment for what is almost certainly going to be another sell out event.You can get your tickets from the St Georges box: 0845 40 24 001 or via the St George’s website:


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